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Applying the ‘Love Languages’ to the Parent-Child Relationship

We have a new topic expert article published over at the blog on Applying the ‘Love Languages’ to the Parent-Child Relationship. A brief excerpt follows.

While you may have heard of the love languages, you may not have applied them to the parent-child relationship. It’s telling kids “I love you” in a language they respond to. Saying the words often isn’t enough. Parents often assume their kids know they are loved, but that’s not always the case.

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Avoiding Battles with Your Teen: How to Work Together to Improve Communication and Resolve Issues

We have a new topic expert article published over at the blog on avoiding battles with your teen. A brief excerpt follows.

Teens often tell me their parents don’t understand, don’t listen or don’t care about what they think. Parents wonder why their lectures fall on deaf ears. How do we bridge this communication gap? Parents often want to lecture instead of listen. Teens have heard it before and already know what their parents are going to say. As a result, the only purpose of a lecture is to make parents feel better.

Let’s looks at some alternative techniques that may sound like common sense but ones that are often not practiced…

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Understanding Grief

This fall, the therapists at Metis Counseling attended a training session presented by Dr. William Hoy entitled “When Grief Gets Complicated: Strategies for Counseling and Supporting the Bereaved”. Grief is the process of adapting to life after a significant loss. The terms grief and mourning tend to be used interchangeably. However, there is an important distinction among them and the process of healing incorporates both grieving and mourning. Simply stated, grief is the internal thoughts and feelings experienced when someone we love dies; whereas mourning involves taking the internal experience of grief and expressing it outside ourselves in the presence of others.

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Why Play Therapy?

Therapists at Metis Counseling attended a training session this fall at the Kansas City Play Therapy Institute, about utilizing play therapy throughout the lifespan, which was presented by Denise Filley. Often people have either not heard of play therapy or don’t really know how it works. Therapists strategically utilize play therapy to help children express what is troubling them when verbal language to express their thoughts and feelings fails (Gil, 1991).

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Metis Counseling to Attend Platte County Community Center South’s Block Party

FREE Block Party

Stop by and visit the Metis Counseling station this Saturday, August 28th from 6-9pm at the Platte County Community Center South’s FREE Block Party. Meet our counselors and have the kids participate in a creative take home activity. There will also be live music/entertainment, food, inflatables, games, lots of giveaways from local businesses and yes, everything is free! It will be held in front of the Platte County South YMCA at 8875 Clark Ave, Parkville, MO 64152.