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Grief: Helping Loved Ones

Metis Counseling’s Melissa Wright has a new topic expert article published over at the GoodTherapy.org blog. This time Melissa tackles grief in her piece Grief: Helping Loved Ones. A brief excerpt follows.

Grief and loss – It’s something we will all at some point experience in our lives. A range of strong emotions accompany grief and loss and it’s hard to know what to say or do to help those that have lost someone. We often feel helpless on how to interact with those faced with loss. If we learn a little more about the process, we can build confidence in supporting those that we care for. This support is key in helping others work through grief.

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Understanding Grief

This fall, the therapists at Metis Counseling attended a training session presented by Dr. William Hoy entitled “When Grief Gets Complicated: Strategies for Counseling and Supporting the Bereaved”. Grief is the process of adapting to life after a significant loss. The terms grief and mourning tend to be used interchangeably. However, there is an important distinction among them and the process of healing incorporates both grieving and mourning. Simply stated, grief is the internal thoughts and feelings experienced when someone we love dies; whereas mourning involves taking the internal experience of grief and expressing it outside ourselves in the presence of others.

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