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Applying the ‘Love Languages’ to the Parent-Child Relationship

We have a new topic expert article published over at the blog on Applying the ‘Love Languages’ to the Parent-Child Relationship. A brief excerpt follows.

While you may have heard of the love languages, you may not have applied them to the parent-child relationship. It’s telling kids “I love you” in a language they respond to. Saying the words often isn’t enough. Parents often assume their kids know they are loved, but that’s not always the case.

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Styles of Grieving

We have a new topic expert article published over at the blog on the different styles of grieving of mean and women. A brief excerpt follows.

Intuitive grief, which is considered more of a feminine style, tends to involve the open expression of emotion. Instrumental grief, which has been associated more with men, usually involves inward reflection and expression of grief through action.

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15 Ways to Reduce Stress


This is the first strategy you learn to cope with pain. Crying helps you discharge tension and discomfort and relaxes tight muscles.


Any aerobic exercise reduces stress, 20-30 minutes 3 times a week.


Channel your energy into a focused task.


Look at the bright side.


Poetry and journal writing are effective vehicles for expressing and discharging feelings.


The act of saying that you hurt out loud reduces painful stress. Even if you’re shouting in your car or in an empty room, just saying it is calming and sometimes even healing.


Directing your energy toward fixing what’s wrong reduces stress because you’re dealing with the root problems.


Letting the person know your needs, feelings and limits reduces stress born of frustration.


A little time alone listening to music reduces stress.

10. ART

Any kind of drawing or painting can reduce stress.


Working the clay in your hands for several minutes reduces stress.


A period of no activity can be very helpful. Get an average of at least eight hours of sleep a night. If you know you need less, be consistent in the amount of sleep, and get to bed and rise at the same time on a regular basis.


Consider vitamin supplements, with the advice of a doctor or dietician. Examine your intake of sugar and salt.


Consult your physician about a non-smoking program.


Reduce coffee and tea to two or three cups a day. Fruit juice or cereal beverages may be substituted.

Free Block Party!

Metis Counseling to Attend Platte County Community Center South’s 2011 Block Party

Come join us this Saturday, August 27th at the Platte County Community South’s FREE Block Party from 6-9PM. Stop by our booth to visit with our counselors, learn about our services or to let the kids play some games and receive some goodies. The event includes live music and entertainment, food, games, inflatables, and giveaways from local businesses and remember, everything is FREE.

The party will be held in the front lot of the Platte County South YMCA at 8875 Clark Avenue, Parkville MO 64152. So grab your family and come have some fun…we hope to see you there!

Avoiding Battles with Your Teen: How to Work Together to Improve Communication and Resolve Issues

We have a new topic expert article published over at the blog on avoiding battles with your teen. A brief excerpt follows.

Teens often tell me their parents don’t understand, don’t listen or don’t care about what they think. Parents wonder why their lectures fall on deaf ears. How do we bridge this communication gap? Parents often want to lecture instead of listen. Teens have heard it before and already know what their parents are going to say. As a result, the only purpose of a lecture is to make parents feel better.

Let’s looks at some alternative techniques that may sound like common sense but ones that are often not practiced…

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Metis Counseling One Year Anniversary

Melissa Wright and Nicole Rich would like to announce the one year anniversary of the opening of Metis Counseling. “A lot has occurred throughout the year since the practice has established itself in the Northland” said co-owner and counselor Nicole Rich “which includes adding many more accepted insurance and EAP plans, being active in social media, collaborating with other community professionals and acquiring the skills necessary to be successful business women within private practice.”

Metis Counseling continues to provide outpatient counseling services to children ages 3 and up, adolescents, and adults facing issues such as (but not limited to) depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, life transitions and grief and loss. The clinicians provide individual and family counseling as well as play therapy, and its counselors are committed and compassionate about the services they provide. Metis Counseling is conveniently located across from the Zona Rosa entrance near the I-29 and Barry Road corridor, in the Barryview Building behind Jiffy Lube, Prairie View Road and 83rd Street. “We receive positive feedback regarding our location and easy access off of the highway” said co-owner and counselor Melissa Wright, “as well as comments on the office being comfortable and child-friendly. Clients and families appreciate the quick and personal response in scheduling. Clients like that we consider their availability and provide flexible scheduling.”

Metis Counseling is currently accepting new clients and works with many insurance plans as well as a self pay option. If you or someone you know is struggling with emotional or mental health issues and are looking for support and guidance, please visit or call (816) 399-4204.


For more information:

Nicole Rich or Melissa Wright
(816) 399-4204

Grief: Helping Loved Ones

Metis Counseling’s Melissa Wright has a new topic expert article published over at the blog. This time Melissa tackles grief in her piece Grief: Helping Loved Ones. A brief excerpt follows.

Grief and loss – It’s something we will all at some point experience in our lives. A range of strong emotions accompany grief and loss and it’s hard to know what to say or do to help those that have lost someone. We often feel helpless on how to interact with those faced with loss. If we learn a little more about the process, we can build confidence in supporting those that we care for. This support is key in helping others work through grief.

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Successful Parenting: Guiding Your Child to Better Behavior

Metis Counseling’s own Melissa Wright has been selected as a Play Therapy topic expert over at the blog. Melissa’s latest piece, Successful Parenting: Guiding Your Child to Better Behavior, is now available. A brief excerpt follows.

How many times have I heard “So, do you have a manual for my kid?” We learn from very early on in parenting that there is no such thing. Sure, there are generalizations about milestones, abilities and limitations, but just as adults are so different from one another, kids can be as well. For first time parents, it is hard to know what’s normal for a certain age or what a typical reaction is when going through a stressful experience.

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Not Just the Winter Blues…

There are aspects of winter that can be rather predictable – cold weather, ice and snow, and for some people, depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is a seasonal depression that occurs at the same time each year. It usually starts in the fall and ends in the spring or early summer. Individuals with SAD typically report symptoms of fatigue, lack of concentration, sleep more, increased appetite and withdraw from activities. Another symptom can be a craving for starch or sweet foods.

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Understanding Grief

This fall, the therapists at Metis Counseling attended a training session presented by Dr. William Hoy entitled “When Grief Gets Complicated: Strategies for Counseling and Supporting the Bereaved”. Grief is the process of adapting to life after a significant loss. The terms grief and mourning tend to be used interchangeably. However, there is an important distinction among them and the process of healing incorporates both grieving and mourning. Simply stated, grief is the internal thoughts and feelings experienced when someone we love dies; whereas mourning involves taking the internal experience of grief and expressing it outside ourselves in the presence of others.

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